a thank you letter...

It is always nice when a bride sends you a letter of thanks, today I recieved this gorgeous card from my Easter Saturday bride...sent all the way from the UK even! 

It reads...

"thank you so much for being part of my special day.  You did an amazing job!! I loved my hair and have had so many compliments, the girls also looked fantastic.
Everything ran smoothly and was relaxed and that was helped by you.  Thank you also for making the planning process easy for me in the UK, it made my job much easier." -Rowena

I love to get mail especially when it's as lovely as that, and not a bill or junk mail! It is a privilege to be part of so many bride's special day's and to get a card of thanks makes me love my job even more.

Like she said if you are planning a wedding from overseas in NZ your best bet is to ask the hairdresser or make-up artist who to use, as we all work together a lot and know the in's and out's of the industry within our own region.

Happy wedding planning for those 2013/14 summer brides.



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