cute hair for bridesmaids...

Brides, if you a lacking some ideas for your bridesmaids here are some cool styles that I have seen lately that are a bit different to what has been happening over the last few summers.  The styles have changed and lets move on from the side curls pinned, although it can still look cool it is nice to see some thing fresh. This summer is all about fresh, cute and a little bit girly at times, although this may not suit every one, there are still the more classic styles around.  I'm, loving the big fringes that some of these hair-up's have and the simplisticity of them too is great, it doesn't have to be over complicated but compliment the style dresses your girls are wearing. 

Take a look at these and be inspired to think a little outside the square when looking for ideas for ladies that are standing beside you on the day of your wedding.

(Images from http://thebeautydepartment.com/)


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