bridal accessories..

Accessories are a great way to personalise your hairstyle for the day, they can reflect more who you are and how you want your hair to be portrayed, i.e vintage style: go with a soft flower (cream or dusty pink), or a glamorous look:  pretty clips.  There are loads of different options and sometimes it can be hard to decide what look you want to go for, keep in mind that your accessory needs to compliment your choosen hairstyle.  Another thing that is cool and works well for those who are wearing a veil and think the accessory will be lost underneath the veil, is that when you are at the reception you can put your accessory in (a bridesmaid can help you out).  

Some places that are good look for accessories are Diva, Equip, Lovisha, Glassons, or you can search the net for ideas on making your own so you can use fabrics that you have had your dress made out of, and you just want to make something for your special day.  Also if you are one that likes shopping online check Etsy here is a link to one page: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lonkoosh?page=1, there are many more cool accessories to there too.

Hope that helps you out a bit when it comes to trying to work out whether you want an accessory or not, I've included some pictures of different uses of accessories too.

*(note: I haven't done the hairstyles below, they are images that I have found on pinterest if you were wondering)


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